Introducing TheRealFutbol

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Welcome fellow football/soccer/fussball fans to blog and football resource site.

The site will be a fun place to visit for all football fans, whether they prefer the American version or the ‘real’ one. We’ll include features for readers new to the beautiful game and heavier stuff for true connoisseurs. We’ll analyse specific leagues and teams as well as  interview interesting personalities and football people you’d wanna know. And, we’ll always remember to keep it moving since the football world is frantically fast paced.

Here’s a bit more on our mission …

I have spent a good amount of time recently reading loads of football blogs, chat rooms, tweets, and articles as well as listening to more podcasts than I knew existed, and the wealth of info and knowledge when it comes to the sport is truly overwhelming. I have noticed three main ‘themes’ when it comes to this proliferation of football content; live game/play-by-play reporting  and analysis of league play (on a local, national and especially international league level); ‘footy’ analysis and commentary for the hardcore fan and closet manager not specifically tied to specific games or results; and, special interest sites focused on football … and beer, music, ‘fandom’, film, clothing/gear, etc. With that said, I have not come across many content sources dedicated to the occasional fan, soccer/football newbie or god forbid American football lover, who might be open to checking out the real futbol (but doesn’t know where to start). Based on money, egos and bad lawyers, the latter will have a lot of extra time this Fall to focus on the other foot/ball sport.

With that said … I have been a football fan for 30+years and cannot wait to share my passion and fanaticism with you. Let the game begin. Jobst, the TheRealFutboler.

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