Women’s World Cup: What we Expected or Upside Down?

Posted: June 29, 2011 in FIFA, German National Team, World Football

With 8 games played and game 2 group matches starting Thursday, what is the initial take-away from the big Germany summer party that is the FIFA WWC 2011?

We expected (and hoped for) … record attendance; renewed interest in the women’s game; an extremely hospitable Germany; and host cities and venues par excellence.

We did not expect … 16 teams that are so closely matched-only one game had a 2 goal differential (USA vs. North Korea); hot weather that has left many players cramping up and gasping for 2nd half air; 38 shots on goal in the Norway vs. Equatorial Guinea match with one lonely goal (scored in the 84th minute by Norway); and, the North Korean National team blaming their loss to the U.S. on lightning

  1. t-bone-sonic says:

    Hi Jobst,
    very nice job you’re doin’ here!

    Deutschland vs. Nigeria, it’s not to hot today in Frankfurt, so i’m daring a 3:0 …


    • jobstelster says:

      Danke Herr Schall. Glad you approve. I agree with your weather comment, esp. since the kick-off is after 8PM. The main problem might be keeping the fans from drinking too much aeppelwoi but then again when has drinking too much adult apple juice ever been a problem. Cheers, TRF

  2. t-bone-sonic says:

    who drinks applewine anyways, you just can’t drink it, if you are a real geezer from palatine 😉

    Apropos Nigeria:
    I’ve could listen to some dudes sayin’ that THREE players of the Ghana women team were suspended, … because they were men, incredible!!


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