UEFA EURO 2012: Facts, Player Economics and Infographics

Posted: May 24, 2012 in EURO 2012, Football economics, German National Team, UEFA, World Football

The are way too many facts, stats, numbers, rankings and lists when it comes to UEFA’s Euro 2012 football tournament. This is particularly true as it relates to the 16 participating countries, the 368 players, the 31 matches, the Polish and Ukranian venues … the list goes on and on.

So, in order to help you focus on the essentials and our personal “everything Germany” bias, we have pulled together the highlights or in boxing terms, the ‘tale of the tape’ on Euro 2012. In fact, true to the bilingual content posted throughout our The Real Futbol blog, the broader Euro highlights up top are in English while the Germany team details below are displayed via a fancy German language infographic. Thanks to the compelling visuals produced by www.fussball-em-2012.com, your grade school German skills should suffice in enjoying this one.

Euro 2012 Facts, Figures & Euros

  • Co-hosted by Poland (pop. 38.5 Million) and the Ukraine (pop. 45.6 Million), Euro 2012 marks the 14th edition (#1 was held in France in 1960) and the 3rd competition with co-hosts
  • Euro 2012 features 16 European national teams. 24 teams will qualify for Euro 2016 in France
  • 31 matches will be contested in eight stadiums (four in Poland, four in the Ukraine) commencing June 8th and concluding with the final in Kiev on July 1
  • The 16 teams have been drawn into 4 groups, with co-host Poland leading Group A and co-host Ukraine leading Group D
  • According to FIFA World Rankings, 7 of the top 10 football teams in the world will be competing at Euro 2012. Only two teams have a ranking lower than 30, with Poland’s 65th place being the lowest
  • Euro 2012 is the most ‘remote’ championship yet with 16 teams collectively travelling 16,000 miles to reach the final in Kiev
  • 12 referees have been selected to officiate the 31 Euro matches representing 9 of the 16 countries. England’s Howard Webb is the only ref with previous Euro competition experience
  • Each team roster is limited to 23 players taking the total Euro 2012 player count to 368
  • Match tickets range from 30 to 600 Euros ; 85% of the roughly 1.4 million available tickets have been allocated for fans, the rest for tournament sponsors
  • The total price money earmarked for Euro 2012 is 196 million Euros, 12 million more than in 2008. All 16 participants will earn 8 million Euros; teams will get 2 million each for qualifying from the group, and 3 million for reaching the semi-final. The winner receives 7.5 million Euros. 
  • More than 12 million tickets were requested during the first application phase ending March 31, 2011
  • The market value of the Danish National Team (94.45 million Euros) is only 4.45 Million more than that of Portugal’s super star Cristiano Ronaldo
  • The Euros will feature the most expensive players in the world. Here’s a ‘top market value’ breakdown:

GROUP A: Poland, Robert Lewandowski (15 million Euros); Czech Republic, Petr Cech (25 million Euros);   Russia, Igor Akinfeev (17 million Euros); Greece, Kyriakos Papadopoulos (9 million Euros)

GROUP B: Holland, Robin van Persie (45 million Euros); Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo (90 million Euros); Germany, Mario Gomez (42 million Euros); Denmark, Christian Eriksen (13 million Euros)

GROUP C: Spain, Andres Iniesta (65 million Euros); Croatia, Luka Modric (39 million Euros); Ireland, Aiden McGeady (9 million Euros); Italy, Daniele De Rossie (32 million Euros)

GROUP D: England, Wayne Rooney (65 million Euros); Sweden, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (37 million Euros); Ukraine, Andriy Yarmolenko (9 million Euros); France, Franck Ribery (42 million Euros).


German National Football Team Infographic (auf Deutsch) 

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