Euro 2012 Predictions: Winners, Losers, Whiners & Cinderellas [Part 2 of 4]

Posted: June 8, 2012 in EURO 2012, European Football, UEFA, World Football

UEFA Euro 2012 kicks-off tomorrow at Noon with co-host Poland taking on Euro 2004 winners Greece in the first of 31 matches concluding with the July 1st Final in Kiev. Who will win, lose and draw during the 12 day group stage and prevail to the elimination rounds. TRF’s Euro 2012 predictions below are meant to engage and entertain. Match on!


June 12 Greece vs. Czech Republic [Group A] I don’t see Greece producing much offense while the Czechs push forward with a 2:0 win thanks in large part to the 5 German Bundesliga players on the 23 man roster ( I am guessing only 3 will start though) 12 p.m. Wroclaw
Poland vs. Russia[Group A] Russia will be a tough test for Poland ending with a late (80th+ minute) winner for Poland 1:0 compliments of Dortmund’s Kuba 2:45 p.m. Warsaw
June 13 Denmark vs. Portugal[Group B] Denmark won’t be able to salvage much in this Group of Death #1 and relinquish 3 goals to Portugal; 0:3 the final score 12 p.m. Lviv
Netherlands vs. Germany [Group B] One of the classic first round match-ups which should decide who ends up 1st in Group B. 1:0 Netherlands in a nail-biting affair including a red card for a German defender 2:45 p.m. Kharkiv
June 14 Italy vs. Croatia[Group C] Italy will stay true to its higher FIFA world ranking and defeat Croatia 2:1 with a late match winner 12 p.m. Poznan
Spain vs. Republic of Ireland [Group C] Spain will unleash its high-powered offense on the Irish and coast to a 3:1 victory 2:45 p.m. Gdansk
June 15 Ukraine vs. France[Group D] Despite being co-hosts, Ukraine will not be able to work any Euro magic — final score 0:1 12 p.m. Donetsk
Sweden vs. England[Group D] The last 5 matches have ended in 3 draws and one win per side so expect the same in this one. England will earn 3 points with a late winner 1:0 2:45 p.m. Kiev

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