Euro 2012 Predictions: Winners, Losers, Whiners & Cinderellas [Part 4 of 4]

Posted: June 8, 2012 in EURO 2012, European Football, UEFA, World Football

UEFA Euro 2012 kicks-off tomorrow at Noon with co-host Poland taking on Euro 2004 winners Greece in the first of 31 matches concluding with the July 1st Final in Kiev. Who will win, lose and draw during the 12 day group stage and prevail in the elimination rounds. TRF’s Euro 2012 predictions below are meant to engage and entertain. Match on!


June 21 Quarterfinal I – 1A vs. 2B QF1 Poland v. Germany: 1:3 win for Germany in a goal fest for the tournament favorites 2:45 p.m. Warsaw
Fri, June 22 Quarterfinal II – 1B vs. 2A QF2 Holland v. Czech Republic: 2:0 win for Holland  2:45 p.m. Gdansk
Sat, June 23 Quarterfinal III – 1C vs. 2D QF3 Italy v. France:  0:1 win for France in what resembles the WC Final team of 2006 in terms of resilience and ability to win tough matches 2:45 p.m. Donetsk
Sun, June 24 Quarterfinal IV – 1D vs. 2C QF4 England v. Spain: 1:2 win for Spain means another heart breaker for the Brits 2:45 p.m. Kiev
Wed, June 27 Semifinal I – Winners QF I vs. QF III SF1 Germany v. France: A 2:0 win for Germany avenges it’s recent friendly loss to Les Bleu 2:45 p.m. Donetsk
Thu, June 28 Semifinal II – Winners QF II vs. QF IV SF2 Holland v. Spain: 3:2 win for Holland in the most thrilling match of the tournament 2:45 p.m. Warsaw
Sun, July 1 Final – Semifinal Winners Final Germany v. Holland: 2:1 win for Germany with Sebastian Schweinsteiger converting a penalty kick to claim the title 2:45 p.m. Kiev

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