Dear [German] Soccer Aficionados … Meet the Bundesliga Fanatic

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Bundesliga, EURO 2012, German Soccer

About a year ago I stumbled upon a timely and well written article about German Bundesliga footballers migrating to Major League Soccer and before I knew it I was 2 hours and 30 comments into my eight article on something German soccer related … I had just discovered the Bundesliga Fanatic, an English language site dedicated to German football. According to BF founder and brainchild Gerry Wittmann, “the blog’s aim is to publicize and spread the history, culture, quality,and competitiveness of the Bundesliga and German football to the English speaking world.”

But it offers so much more. Thanks to the gifted staff writers and to an extremely diverse team of contributors (of which I am one), no German soccer story, past, present or future is left unturned. Content ranges from match reports and analysis to historical and cultural pieces as well as interviews with prominent figures and players.

Beyond the content, the interaction with other contributors and BF readers is awesome and truly makes blog content come to life with commentary and opinions. In fact, I have discovered numerous other tasty football sites and resources thanks to the Fanatic.

With roughly 30 new articles per week, the content never gets old, and during the German Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga season (August t0 May) things really start to heat up. Nearly each major Bundesliga team has a loyal fan/analyst who contributes match reports and analysis on a weekly basis, and thanks to a deep writing roster, many less popular, often obscure topics and teams are spotlighted. Speaking of, as a passionate 1. FC Kaiserslautern fan, I will continue to contribute match previews/reviews for the Fanatic kicking off with a 2012/13 ‘K-town in der 2. Bundesliga’ preview later this summer.

Currently, the Fanatic is doing a full court press on the Euro 2012 tournament with more than 60 articles (since June 8th) focused on the German National Team, profiles of Bundesliga players competing for other Euro teams, and many historical Euro match pieces.

My favorite part is the Euro 2012 contest Gerry and his team came up with which tests your German national team soccer knowledge in exchange for some fancy football gear and other prizes. The final Euro contest is going on now so check it out and see if you can win some cool memorabilia including a Germany ultimate fan goodie bag donated by yours truly and The Real Futbol blog.

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