2018 World Cup Russia … 3 days in

Posted: June 17, 2018 in Uncategorized

I don’t know about you all but this Thursday ended four long years of waiting for the 2018 edition of the FIFA World Cup. Football/soccer fans are a forgiving bunch … at least mostly. I remember when Russia and Qatar were selected as 2018 and 2022 world cup hosts. I and the rest of the world called bullshit on the blatant corruption and at the time vowed a boycott. Well, here I am watching every minute of every match and eating, sleeping, and drinking (lots) the beautiful game.

With three days and 8 matches down (and 56 to go), it’s time for some reflections:



A day before the World Cup kicked off, the FIFA Congress voted on who would host the 2026 World Cup. Well it might be old news by now, but the combined US/Mexico/Canada bid, better known as United 2026,  beat Morocco and will be the first to host a field of 48 teams with 80 total games across three countries in 2026. In fact, in a World Cup first, the opening match will consist of three matches held in each host country. I also heard that Atlanta might host a semi-final match at the Benz so time to start prepping. But honestly, this news was the smallest ray of sunshine for all US Supporters, most of whom are still crest fallen for not qualifying for Russia 2018. Let the games begin!


Match technology

goal line tech

Whether you love VAR or hate VAR, love goal line technology or could care less all where put to the test early on in this world cup. History was made in the France vs. Australia World Cup game on Saturday when an intervention by the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) led to Les Bleus being awarded a penalty. It was the first time video technology had been used in the World Cup to directly influence a referee to change his decision. Technology intervened again later in the same match when France’s Paul Pogba’s shot was shown to have crossed the line by the goal-line technology system on the referee’s watch. For all the haters of technology in soccer and especially the use of VAR, Luddites your loosing.

Egypt’s biggest distraction

Mo Salah

Mo Salah’s injury has kept us all guessing and wondering when we will see the rising super star. Maybe in match 2 vs. Ru



Love him or leave him, he’s the world’s best and proved this again against Spain this week. A hat trick and late free kick equalizer vs the might Spaniards … insanity

Messi let down

messi pissed  The world looked on as Leo Messi missed a penalty (his 4th out of the last 7 he has taken for club and country) versus Iceland in Argentina’s opening WC match. Judging by his reaction post-game you would assume Argentina just lost another final to Germany. Plus, if you believe reports that Diego Maradona was arrested by Russian police for trying to force his way into the Argentine dressing room to confront Messi about the miss, it’s safe to say things are not shiny in Messi land. All right folks, get a grip, not only is Messi human but he gives his team the best chance to win any and every day of the week. And oh yeah, they rescued a point from this match and have plenty of opportunities to advance to the next round. Take a breadth world.


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