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The Free Beer Movement is nothing short of amazing … FBM’s mission states …”it’s a modest idea to create new and future fans of the game through the power of free beer.” We love this message for several reasons; we love beer, period, we equally dig the idea of spreading the football/soccer gospel to non-believers via a universal (beer flavored) language, and, we thoroughly enjoy sharing ‘success stories’ and the real reason behind what we do … With that said, we teamed up with Chief FBMer Danny Beerseed to properly usher in the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup with a guided drinking tour of all nine German host cities and match venues. Dan has the beer-savvy audience at and I, as the resident German and long time connoisseur of Deutsches Bier, have the 411 on the +49 and its liquid, world cup worthy treasures.

We knew there would be a lot of ground to cover in a country as old and beer thirsty as Germany so we opted to provide three related features. First, a primer of sorts on the 2011 women’s tournament pairing intriguing football ‘did you knows’ with tasty beer facts. See the complete FBM post here. Second, we started the guided tour of WWC cities and beer recommendations for each. Check out Part I (Berlin-Dresden-Augsburg-Sinsheim) and stay tuned for Part II within the next week which will conclude with the last 5 cities of the tour.